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The Lily was nicknamed by the ancients “the flower of flowers”: in fact it is one of the best known flowers. Very often it is compared by the rose and, if the latter is the queen of flowers, the lily is definitely the king and that is perhaps why it is often depicted in the coats of arms of noble families.
It is a flower rather large, which shows us the parts that make it up: the corolla formed by the petals, pistil, and stigma (the female part of the flower which is located in the middle and is slightly sticky to collect the pollen), and finally, the male part of the flower, the stamens and anthers, the latter of which are in a container that releases the pollen).


The Lily is one of the most common flowers to see, but the types of flowers existing on Earth, between those created by man and those spontaneous, are reaching stellar figures. There are some really noteworthy: for example the largest inflorescence in the world, that of the Titan Hoop flower that is up to three meters high and lasts only two or three days. When it reaches the full  maturation, the Titan Hoop flower exudes an unpleasant smell of putrefaction, which serves to attract insects and spread the pollen.
Another very special plant is the Caleana Major, an orchid whose flower resembles a duck. Originally from Australia and discovered in 1810, it is unfortunately an endangered species because it has been victim of illegal harvesting.
Diphylleia Grayi is a white flower from China and Japan that has white petals but, in contact with water, they become transparent; for this peculiarity this flower is also known as the “Skeleton Flower”.
Another flower with a special appearance is the Psychotria Elata, also called “kissing plant” precisely because its flowers look like fleshy lips, but be careful because they are powerful hallucinogens!