Water Lily

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Water Lily
Nymphaea alba

Acquatic plants implement different ways in order to adapt themselves better to their habitat. One of them is the Water Hyacinth, which has a bad reputation because it is considered one of the worst invasive species, or rather alien species which sometimes damage the ecosystems they conquer. Its way of adapting to the acquatic environment is a mutation of its leaf, especially of its own stalk.
This one creates a spongy bulge able to hold the air and make the whole plant float.


Maybe in some up with the times nursery, you happened to run across another interesting acquatic plant: the “national Japanese treasure”, which however we call Marimo, a nice seaweed shaped like a ball discovered in a Japanese lake in 1820.
Under particular conditions, it can take a perfect geometric shape. Someone says “it dances” in the water because of its movements created by the oxygen it eliminates.

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