Calla Lily

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Calla Lily

If you think the Calla is a flower, you are in the right place because… today you will learn that it is actually a leaf!
In fact, its typical white “funnel” shape is actually a spade, or a leaf that has been transformed.
It is a gimmick of some plants that produce an inconspicuous flower: to attract insects these amazing plants turn their leaves into billboards: changing their color and shape.


The strength of the leaves lies in adapting to the needs of the plant. If we think about the Cactus and the arid environment where it lives, we understand that it has to retain as much water as possible, so it turns its leaves into thorns and modifies the stem to store liquids.
A genus of plants that has turned its leaves into a trap are the Nepenthes, carnivorous plants native to tropical areas. These plant predators turn their leaves into a kind of funnel that is able to attract insects that, once entered, they can no longer get out and are digested by the plant.

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